Kona Dreams to Kona Beans

Kona Coffee Timeline – A Record of the Kona Coffee Dream

A excerpt containing historical Hawaiian information related to kona coffee as part of world coffee history and it is interesting how coffee finally arrived in Kona and became the delightful Kona Coffee that dreams are made of today. Kona Coffee – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – coffee history.

Visit Hawaii and Tour a Kona Coffee Farm

The coffee plant was brought to the Kona district in 1813. The Kona Coffee Belt farm is a “must see” Hawaii attraction and the only coffee farms in the nation. Stroll through a award-winning, historic Hawaiian farm that tells the story of kona coffee pioneers during the early 20th century. Their are 157 hotels with-in the Kona Coffee Belt and 14 Restaurants Near the Kona Coffee farm. Explore reviews, photos and coffee menus, also find the perfect spot for a Hawaiian occasion.

The History of Coffee in the Hawaiian Islands must include Kona Coffee

Thank the Hawaiian Kona Coffee Pioneers’ for their contribution to the American Dream. Learn about Hawaiian Kona Coffee and the Kona Coffee Council. Most Kona Coffee is graded prime or better because of the climate. Our History and Culture from the early Polynesian settlers to the unique kona coffee story told from the farms of hualalai, Kona Hawaii. Review the Kona Coffee story to find out what makes gourmet Kona coffee beans so special. Learn about Peaberry, Extra Fancy and Estate Kona Coffees, and why the story of Kona Coffee is so interesting. Kona, Hawaii is about the furthest point on the globe from coffee’s ancestral origins in the mountains of Ethiopia. It took an odyssey of hundreds of years for Kona Coffee History: Hawaii’s unique story of the road to coffee.

Kona’s world famous coffee has a Hawaiian History that spans nearly 200 years

Lovers of Gourmet Hawaiian Coffee will appreciate the long road Kona coffee took to reach its exalted status today. About the Kona Coffee Festival, A festival timeline helps tell the story of important dates and events that shape Hawaiian Coffee History. The story of Kona coffee history is compelling and it’s natural high quality and extra care farmers, results in an unmatched gourmet coffee. Kona Historical Society: Kona Coffee, history and tours tell the story of coffee in the Hawaiian Islands including kona coffee country. This history of Kona coffee is filled with many highs and lows, including thriving in the 1990’s, when prices of gourmet Kona coffee remained high.

Kona coffee now benefits from rise in the Gourmet Coffee market

Hawaiian background history and coffee and Kona were a perfect match, Kona with its rich volcanic soil, hard-working Hawaiian family farmers and perfect climatic conditions. The Big Island coffees range from green Kona coffee beans, bulk whole bean gardens grown farm fresh organic Kona coffee cherries. Deciding to grow Kona coffee and become pacific coffee farmer of pure kona coffee is the oldest and largest Kona profession. Sun exposed fruit is always superior, and coffee cherries are no different in a planted a coffee garden. From late August to late January, the Kona coffee farmer is singularly focused on bringing in the ripe red coffee cherry, processing the cherry into coffee bean harvest on Hawaii’s Big Island when the trees on Hualalai are overflowing with cherries! Exploring the heart of the Kona Coffee Belt on Hawaii’s Big Island from flowers that eventually become coffee cherries, which become 100% Kona Coffee.

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